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A Need It Now Delivers Company

Maryland Messenger is the leading provider of courier delivery services in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and beyond. Based in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland Messenger has provided professional, cost competitive and reliable delivery solutions to our customers since 1956.

Maryland Messenger is here to meet your delivery needs 24/7/365. We are experts in same day, rush, overnight and scheduled delivery services. MMOnline makes it quick and easy to place orders on the internet. Download our 1-Click AutoLogin directly to your desktop and never login manually again! Our complimentary email delivery notification for each delivery gives you peace of mind knowing we have met your delivery deadline!

Experience the delivery difference with Maryland Messenger!

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can save you time on making scheduled pickups from clients, vendors or bank deposits daily.

1 or 2 Hour Rush pickup and delivery services any time in the Balitmore, DC, VA, PA, DE.

Just call MMS and leave the driving to us!!

Call Now! 410-837-5550

Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia     Baltimore, Maryland, DC, Virginia