Fleet Presentation

  • 1-800Courier has proven ability to scale branded fleets to customer specifications.
  • Extensive driver training on courier expectations and presentation
  • Extensive training on equipment use and safe driving expectations, for quality customer experience
  • Hands-On management oversight to ensure excellence
In Zone Parking Depots
Vehicles close to their service zones.
  • 1-800Courier is committed to locating and acquiring Zone Smart parking depots in close proximity to your service zone. This allows 1-800Courier to provide superior service, reducing drive time commute, wages and mileage.
  • As service expands in your metropolitan area, 1-800Courier will acquire and operate multiple parking depots in order to position vehicles in optimal locations.

Quality Personnel

Hiring Team
  • 1-800Courier managers know that they are only successful if their exclusive focus is on delivery zone and driver schedule management.

Training Team
  • Dedicated Classroom Training Staff: Information, Expectations, and Quality Assurance centric
  • Dedicated On-Road Driver Training Staff to ensure roadworthy quality drivers
Future Growth
  • Two tiered screening process resulting in a selective and effective 20% hiring rate
  • Proven ramp up process while maintaining quality service, and low attrition.
  • Multi-channeled applicant pipelines allowing for greater diversity of qualified applicants

Training and Support

Focus on Quality Drivers
  • Full day In-Classroom training of safety, procedures, practice scenarios
  • Second day field training with instructor and end of day evaluation
  • Employee contracts explicitly stating information and expectations
  • Updated training program for all new hires to include a formal presentation on not smoking at work.
  • One week review session in Dispatch Office to reinforce occupational understanding of expectations and procedures
Quality Processes
Dedicated Dispatch Team
  • Monitors Process of delivery routes
  • Assists your team in taking action during a route to ensure on-time delivery (including split routes, contacting drivers, removing pick-ups from route, etc)
  • Assists drivers when issue and delivery problems arise
  • Gives directions to drivers when needed
  • Provides full time shift issue resolution assistance to your Team
Fleet Maintenance
Promotes Quality of Vehicle Brand Representation
  • Twice Daily inspections (internal & external) of all company vehicles
  • Weekly and Monthly (as required) maintenance of all company vehicles: Including tire pressure, oil, fluids, etc.
  • Immediate repair of any external damage to any company vehicle
  • Immediate rebranding of any damaged decals when required
Inspections & Investigations
Quality Assurance
  • Dedicated Inspection Manager to oversee inspections of drivers and investigations into driver issues
  • 10 Dedicated driver inspectors per delivery zone
  • Standardized inspection practices and procedures to ensure consistent customer experience and satisfaction
  • Daily inspection and, when necessary, focused inspections on problem drivers
  • Various techniques to optimize inspection results, such as: Non-Announced Inspections, Active Inspections, Passive Inspections, etc.
  • Dedicated Research and Recovery team to streamline customer experience

Comprehensive Service Fee Covers:

Administrative Support and Technology Expenses
  • All Costs Related to staffing your fleet, including Employment Ads, Job Fairs, Flyer Distribution, Referral Fees, etc.
  • Customer-Centric Training, Safety Training, and Technology Training
  • Providing Equipment for Chain of Custody Barcode Management - Smart Phones and Scanners
  • Shift Managers made available 7 days a week to handle any issues that may arise
  • Dedicated HR employee to manage the Shift Planner and fleet shifts
  • Dedicated Analysis Coordinator to provide timely and detailed analytics
  • Dispatch Services GPS on all Drivers and Parcels on Board
  • Courier Dispatch Software/Technology
  • Courier Communication App available
  • Experienced City Manager and Support Staff
  • Inspector General to Improve Fleet Performance
  • In Zone Storage Depots where needed
  • City Driver Inspectors

  • Surplus Drivers
  • Research/Recovery Team
  • Human Resources and Hiring Team to attain aggressive fleet growth goals
  • Facilities
  • HR Administration
  • Commercial Liability Insurance of $5MM
  • Non Owned and Hired Insurance for Private Vehicles of $5MM
  • Background and MVR checks
  • 1-800Courier Assumes all Employee Risks and Liabilities
  • Legal Consultation
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Appropriate Motor Carrier Permits and Fees
  • Payroll Processing
  • Executive Management and Oversight
  • Expenses Associated with Branded Vehicle Solution
    • Branded Hybrid Vehicles, Branding costs
    • Large Parking and Processing Depots
    • Parking
    • Parking Violations
    • Increased Insurance
    • Fleet Manager
    • Depot Personnel